Woman who returned Paul McCartney's lost bass hoping for reward

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Paul McCartney was the lucky recipient of some incredible generosity from Cathy Guest, who recently returned the music legend's stolen electric bass guitar after more than half a century, and now she's crossing her fingers for some compensation.

The East Sussex resident discovered the Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass in her attic following the death of her husband Hadyn, who'd apparently got it off his brother Graham. McCartney, who changed the course of music history forever with The Beatles, first purchased the instrument in Hamburg back in 1961 before it was robbed from a van and sold to a pub landlord 11 years later.

In conversation with The Sun, Guest herself revealed that she snuck a letter into the guitar case for McCartney to read, detailing her financial situation as she supports two children still in education.

"My husband inherited it when another family member died and he'd had if for years," she told the publication. "He had no idea where it came from. He was a keen musician and used to play all the guitars at home, including Paul's bass. We both loved music and I still go to gigs every weekend.



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